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When a woman trying to outrun her past ends up trapped between a zombie outbreak and warring militia groups, she must fight to find her way back home.

Written by: James Allerdyce & Steven Pierce
Produced by: James Allerdyce, Matt Mundy, Steven Pierce, Lori Kay, and Bret Carr

"A same sex couple trapped in a gun-toting Southern American state is the perfect environment for tension even before throwing warring factions and zombie apocalypses into the mix."

- The Hollywood News

"It has been 38 years since anything has shaken up the genre quite like Herd."

- Eye for Film

"With stellar performances by Corbin Bernsen, Ellen Adair, and Jeremy Holm, Herd offers itself up as another great example of the “new breed” of zombie fare."

- Scariest Things

"In a cinematic landscape saturated with zombie films that tend to look too much alike, Herd is a bold, introspective addition that raises pertinent questions about human nature, relationships and societal norms."

- Mulderville

"Herd maybe classed as a zombie movie, but it is much more complex and more entertaining than your standard survival thriller."

- BloodyFlix

"Herd is much like the early Romero work, as it’s actually trying to bring something new to the table as it dives into trauma and homophobia."

- Set the Tape

"Pierce's astonishing debut feature - partly because it is his first full movie and also because it deftly folds the concerns of 21st century USA into an excellent zombie/infection flick - centres around a very human story."

- Dark Eyes of London

"If you're reading between the lines, there’s a clear message: Steven Pierce is a rising director to keep an eye on. His feature debut offers a hint of the brilliance to come, and while HERD may not be the final word in zombie narratives, it’s a sure sign that Pierce is a name to remember in the cinematic universe."

- Overly Honest Movie Reviews

"Herd proffers commentary on recent and current social issues including pandemic-related and political ones while delivering relationship drama and zombie suspense."

- HorrorFuel

Director of Photography: Brennan Full
Production Design: Michael David
Composer: Alexander Arntzen

Costume Design: Lauren Lau
FX Design: Caitlyn Young
Colorist: Josh Bohoskey

Ellen Adair
Mitzi Akaha
Jeremy Holm
Timothy V. Murphy
Corbin Bernsen
Amanda Fuller
Dana Snyder
Brandon James Ellis
Jeremy Lawson
Matthew Walton
Mallory Hawks

Dark Sky Films

High Fliers

Bleiberg Entertainment

Herd_US_Final Billing Block.jpg


HERD premiered at FrightFest on the main screen IMAX (one of the largest in Europe) on Saturday Night Aug 26 2023. 

Mitzi Akaha

Mitzi Akaha


Ellen Adair

Ellen Adair


Producer & Co Writer, James Allerdyce

James Allerdyce


Director & Co Writer, Steven Pierce

Steven Pierce


Q&A to a sold out crowd of 720 people

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